About the Owner

Portrait of owner.

Hi ya'll, I'm Jessie, the owner of Possum Run Ranch Wear.

I started this mobile and online boutique myself and with the help of my amazing friends and family. We set this shindig up at events all around Ohio, especially those events that have livestock animals.

I was always the little girl who loved to plan my outfits. As a woman in the Ag industry I know we don't always have the time to plan a whole look. That's my goal here, to make outfit choices easy. I want you to feel damn good in whatever you buy from us.

It's a goal of mine to choose suppliers who are other small business located in the US. We are size inclusive from S-3X when we can be.

As I've grown up I chose quality over quantity. I believe a good fit is the key ingredient of a great outfit. I'm not afraid of color or pattern. And I absolutely believe that cheetah/ leopard print is a neutral. Give me anything with gorgeous embroidery. And I love a cute gingham. 

A little about me personally...

I'm the second of four farm kids in North Central Ohio. I grew up on a cow/calf and crop operation and was very active in 4-H and FFA. I have an Animal Sciences degree from The Ohio State University. And today, I work full time in the local meat industry.

Together, my hubby and I have a two little farm girls and a plethora of animals. He works his butt off in the steel industry to provide for us, and farms on the side. We have cows, crops, two runty goats, 3 lazy house cats, and one super loyal fuzzy-butt dog.

I love to garden, cook, and eat carbs. I channel my inner Golden Girl when I can, and I'll drink tea and crochet to my heart's content. The only two men I'd ever leave my husband for are George Strait or Kevin Costner. Ninety-five percent of the time I'm wearing graphic tees, gray sweat pants, and crocs.